Catholic Approaches to Practical Theology

Catholic Approaches to Practical Theology

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Annemie Dillen,

We would like to organize a gathering in Toronto, of those interested in practical theology and Catholic thought, contexts, and identities. The theme we are considering is “Catholic Identity, Catholic Plurality, and Practical Theology.” We have in mind the way that Catholicism is invested theologically in questions of identity and how that relates to Catholic identity’s plurality across global contexts, and what practical theology has to do with such an analysis. We are open to the format this might take — perhaps invited papers, submitted papers, open forums on specific topics, panels, etc. Might you please contact us to let us know your thoughts about this idea? We are contemplating a gathering on Sunday 14 April at IAPT, during a block of unscheduled time, during which we might be able to do a late afternoon event followed by dinner. Please send us your frank thoughts and additional suggestions, especially concerning the theme and format. Do share this idea with colleagues whom you think might be interested. They are welcome to participate, and they should be encouraged to contact us as well. This initiative is not limited to IAPT members, although it is being carried on under the aegis of IAPT. Please can we have your reply by **15 January 2012**? We will then follow up with all interested persons.

(Executive Committee Liaison: Robert Mager,